Correspondence for the new coronavirus.

  • Derivers check their body tempture with non-contact type thermometers before getting in the car .

    (They are not allowed to drive if their temp is over 37℃.)

  • Drivers spray an antiviral spray that lasts for one week every 5days before leaving.

  • After customers exit the vehicle ,drivers open the window for ventilate.

  • Also, drivers wipe the handrail and seats with Hypochlorous acid water.

We provide the safe mode of transportation.

Airport pick-up service

Narita / Haneda 
From Yokohama to Haneda

carfare JPY12,500~ + toll fee

From Haneda to Yokohama

carfare JPY14,500~ + toll fee + parking fee

From Yokohama to Narita Airport

Hire Service carfare JPY33,800~ + toll fee

From Narita Airport to Yokohama

Hire Service carfare JPY36,800~ + toll fee + parking fee

*Meeting Service with welcome board is available upon request

Phone +81-45-352-5633

Business Reservation

e.g., Central Yokohama (Naka-ku, Nishi-ku)

8 hours JPY48,000~


“EXECUTIVE package”

We are introducing the finest quality vehicle ,LS600hl.
We provide the time of supreme to your important journey.
Please enjoy the luxury times and our service.

Hire – Finest Sedan
for 2 – 3 people

HIRE Van for 5 – 6 people

“TOYOTA Vellfire”
“NISSAN Elgrand”

TAXI Van for 6 people

“TOYOTA Vellfire & Alphard”
“NISSAN Elgrand”

HIRE Van for 9 people


For details,please call weekday,daytime(9:00 – 17:00)